Dave Neal is The Voice Of The Fox, a male British rich voiceover talent and provides deep, assured and captivating voiceovers for Corporate videos and Video explainers, especially those with technical or medical terminology.

He also produces  Radio links & commercials, Audiobooks, Telephone messages and IVR prompts, and can proof-read or even draft your scripts for you.

Dave’s voice has been described as “Deep, assured and captivating”,
“Rich and trustworthy”, “Sincere, confident and friendly” and “Very easy to listen to”.

Dave has many years of voice experience, from video narration to radio programming and live singing, press conference and stage presentations to large international audiences and telephone messaging. He is ready to provide that special assured voice for your project from his professional studio, applied with care and focus to ensure your message is communicated properly.

A highly-technical background means Dave can deliver technical scripts about IT,  electronics, Medicine or similar genres quickly and efficiently. He can provide raw audio files for your own production, or produce fully-finished files with music and sound effects, all delivered quickly and efficiently via email, FTP, Dropbox or other cloud storage.

Dave can proof-read and even write your scripts, having many years of writing copy for press releases, brochures and advertising, so he knows just what works.

Send him a sample script, and he’ll record an excerpt to demonstrate what he can bring to your project.

A selection of demo voiceovers, click here for more examples



All this experience means that we can provide raw audio recordings for a production company to edit as required, or deliver fully edited and produced files complete with music backgrounds and sound effects. Take a listen to the horror story and jazz trailer examples, for example.

All equipment used is fully-professional, with high-quality large-diaphragm Rode and AKG condenser microphones, Midas microphone preamplifiers and hi-spec computer recording and editing systems.

The studio is ipDTL and Connect ready, and files can be transferred by email,  WeTransfer, FTP or cloud-based systems such as Dropbox and GoogleDrive.


  • Radio Commercials
  • Radio jingles/promos
  • TV Commercials
  • TV Program Narration
  • Explainer Videos
  • On-hold messages and IVR for telecoms systems
  • On-hold Marketing
  • Sonic branding
  • Professionally recorded voicemail messages for mobile phones
  • Online radio adverts for the internet
  • Voice prompts for smartphone apps
  • Audio greetings for websites
  • Corporate Video Narration
  • Public Address announcements (“Voice Of God”)
  • Narration for Electronic Press Kits (EPKs)
  • Radio plays (classical, modern and comedy)
  • Podcast introductions & production
  • E-Learning and audio training courses (For CD/web download)
  • Cinematic adverts
  • Training, business presentations, sales, and web sites
  • Audiobooks
  • Documentaries